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Work Injury / Workers' Compensation


If you are a working man or woman, an occupational injury could place a great financial, emotional, and physical burden on you and your family.  It is your right as an employee to be protected as much as possible in such a case.  It is for this reason that Worker’s Compensation laws have been enacted in every state.  Their intent is to assure the injured worker the best care available.


If you are injured, your most important consideration will be the type of care you choose since this will determine how much pain and anxiety you will have to suffer, and for how long.   An important provision of Worker’s Compensation, which is often overlooked, is the right to select the doctor and type of treatment which best suits your condition. 


Back injuries are the most common of all job related injuries.  These injuries can result from falls and lifting or moving heavy objects.  Upper back injuries (spinal sprain or wrenched back) often affect the arms and shoulders creating muscle soreness and pain.  Often there is no position (standing, sitting, or lying) which will alleviate the discomfort.  Injury to the lower back (sacroiliac or lumbosacral sprain) may affect the use of the legs, creating extreme pain and disability.  If, in the case of lower spinal sprain, the large sciatic nerve becomes involved, a severely painful condition and chronic weakness may result.


Specific terms vary from state to state, but in general this means you are entitled to complete coverage of healthcare expenses incurred due to an injury, and partial or complete compensation for loss of wages.  Remember, Worker’s Compensation means that you are entitled to the best care available.  That care can best be provided by a doctor experienced in accidental injuries.


Our services include:


  • Work Injury Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Chiropractic Care